Rules for posting content to cities unlimited forums

Cities Unlimited Forum Rules

  1. Any cursing, bashing, spamming, calling names, slander, making fun, or anything with the intent of offending other forum users is prohibited.
  2. Use of forums for advertisement is strictly prohibited. Please try a free business listing instead.
  3. Linking to other sites with content relevant to a forum topic is allowed, however linking to other sites, or within a cities unlimited site, for the purpose of advertisement is prohibited.
  4. Use of forums for discussion, planning, or execution of any illegal activity is prohibited and is punishable by applicable laws.
  5. Use of forums for cheating, and other general mischief is prohibited.
  6. Posting or linking of any pornographic content is prohibited and punishable by applicable laws.
  7. Posting of copyright content is prohibited. It is the sole responsibility of the user to assure that any quotes, or otherwise copied content is permitted to be on this site.
  8. Any and all topics of discussion are open to judgement by Cities Unlimited Inc. employees and their representatives, and posts may be removed at their will at any time.
  9. All posts to forums become property of Cities Unlimited Inc.. Cities Unlimited Inc. is not limited in any way from using forum content at its will.
  10. Any posts which have been reported as offensive by a forum user will be reviewed for deletion by a Cities Unlimited employee.
  11. Cities Unlimited Inc. reserves the right to remove, modify, censor, copy, or otherwise alter all forum content at its discretion without notification of the author.
  12. Cities Unlimited Inc. reserves the right to ban, kick, and block any forums user at any time it deems necessary.
  13. Cities Unlimited Inc. is not responsible for the content of forums, any questionable content should be reported as offensive either using the link provided in the forums or by sending an email to forums@citiesunlimited.com. Content reported as offensive will be reviewed by a Cities Unlimited employee but is not gauranteed to be removed or censored from the site.
  14. Attempts to circumvent any enforcement of any rules by Cities Unlimited Inc. is prohibited and may result in banning or kicking from forums and other Cities Unlimited sites and services.
  15. Breaking of any of these rules either by accident or purposely may result in banning or kicking from forums and other Cities Unlimited sites and services.
  16. Cities Unlimited Inc. reserves the right to record the IP address of any posts.
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